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Me & about 40 geese today!


Wish I had had someone take a picture of me and the geese today but didn't think of it till afterwards or I would have posted it here.

Anyway I was at a discount store I dearly love to go to in a shopping strip and you can go around behind the stores and miss a lot of traffic so I do that a lot of times but when I did today there was only one goose back there.

...usually there are a lot so I stopped & gave him some of my peanut butter & crackers....guess he must have gone and told his brothers and sisters because when I came out of the store they were all waiting for me...must have been at least 35 or 40 of them everywhere & I was so afraid someone was going to hit one of them but there is a law here that here so you have to stop for them but some people get real impatient with them.

Anyway since I felt like it was my fault for starting the whole mess with my giving the one goose some of my snack and he told his whole crew about it that I had better take care of the situation.

I had about 8 or 9 peanut butter and crackers left so started mashing them up and throwing some to them after I drove my truck (SUV) over to the middle of the parking lot where nobody was at...here they come just running as

fast as their little legs would let them so I was throwing crumbs to them and motioning for the cars to come on by with my other hand...it was a site to see...lol

Well wouldn't you know it the darn snacks ran out and here I am standing there with I know around 40 geese honking at me saying we want more crackers & I tried to explain there were no more...I had just bought my new kitty cat some treats in the store and be darned if I was going to give them those.

...so I got in my truck and drove to where you stop for the traffic to come in and put my window down and every car that came by I yelled out for them to slow down there are geese back there and they looked at me like who is the world is this nut but they did slow down but I knew I had to leave as there was nothing else I could do....I had no more crackers with me and was not giving them those expensive cat treats.

People in this town know we have geese everywhere or they should know it so I said a little prayer that nobody would hit one of them and maybe they would go back behind the store where there was a pond nearby and maybe they would jump in and cool off...The Good Lord will take care of them like he does me every day for sure!

This is not the picture of them but here are a couple of pictures that look sort of like them...there were many more than this.

Entry #111


sully16Comment by sully16 - August 13, 2019, 6:38 am
wow, pretty cool pictures.
Vergie6Comment by Vergie6 - September 20, 2019, 9:00 am
I accidentally deleted all of my pictures not long ago so the pictures of some geese are not here any longer but 2 cats show in my view but don't know if it does in readers of this or not.
Maybe it's because the cats take up the space where I had the geese listed in my pictures.

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